Plans For The Week Ahead?

Part of me knows that this week is going to be hell, but another part of me knows it will be amazing!

On Monday I have a day off school, so me and Alex will be finishing off the 3rd season of Game Of Thrones, which will be good because I’m really enjoying Game of Thrones so far, and because I have seen some of the episodes from the 4th season I really want to know what happens to lead up to those events!

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Everyday Cosplay Friday – Sherlock Inspired Outfit

In my opinion the design of Sherlock’s costume is perfect for his character. The costume is smart and asserts his authority onto others, so I have tried to re-create this look but for a girl, that is just as smart and well-dressed as Sherlock’s costume.

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What On Earth Is Reading?

I’m not going to lie, but I don’t read. It’s not that I can’t read, or that I don’t want to, it’s just that I can’t sit in one place and read something for a long period of time because I get really fidgety and I’m distracted very easily. If I do start to read a book, I have to read it all in one go, because if I put it down at any point, no matter how good it is, I will not pick it back up.
Most of my family read all of the time, so I know this confession will bring shame upon my family.

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Everyday Cosplay Friday – Black Widow Inspired Outfit

I think that the costume design for Black widow is so simple but it’s perfect for her character. Being an assassin she needs to be able to have everything close to hand, i.e. Guns, but she also needs things very fitted in order for her not to knock things over with loose fabric when shes sneaking around places. So I think that for an assassin this is a perfect outfit, and for an everyday cosplay outfit, it is very edgy, which is what quite a lot of girls these days are going for.

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