My New Baby

Here I would like to welcome my new baby to the world. About 3 years ago I had a bag very similar to this, I bought it in my local town in a rather jazzy shop. It caught my eye almost instantly and I just fell in love. I loved the very in-your-face Marvel comic design and I also loved the chain that it had on the front.

I used this bag as my school bag for about a year, and after that I don’t remember what happened to it, I don’t remember throwing it away. Recently I was browsing on eBay and I found this bag which was almost identical (minus the chain) to the bag I had a few years ago. I was thrilled to find one even similar to my original one, and I just couldn’t resist buying it, and at £22 I couldn’t argue! This bag is the perfect size for  all of my school stuff (books and all!) and it comes with 3 very hand sections. I use the smallest one for my school ID! I honestly think that this bag is the best impulse buy I have ever made! I don’t regret buying it at all! I hope this bag will last me a very long time, as I don’t think that I could bear parting with it again.


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