Errm, I’m Not Sure What I Think Of This

On one of my recent shopping endeavours I thought I’d pop into a comic book shop in Canterbury called Whatever Comics. My routine for browsing usually starts on one isle and I’ll look at the comics, then I’ll look at the Game of Thrones/Lego stuff on the shelves, then I’ll go to the next isle and look at the posters and then the other comic books/merchandise they have.


However, this time I went down the first isle and looked at the comic and one in particular caught my eye, and I just couldn’t focus, so I just burst into a sort of nervous laughter and just walked straight out of the shop feeling very humiliated!

This comic was called Hipster Hitler. The title was enough to reduce me to nervous laughter let alone the cover! I don’t really know much else about the comic because I was just too humiliated to go back into the shop to have a better look at it.

What do you think about this?



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