My Sort Of Bucket List

Is It Normal To Have A General Wishlist? Well put it this way, I do! I have many things on this list, many materialistic things but also many non-materialistic things. So really you could call it a sort of bucket list.

So without further ado, lets start this list.

  • Learn A Language
    I started to learn Italian at school in year 7 but gave it up at the end of year 8, even though I was apparently good at it, I just wasn’t very confident with the spoken language, but I really like the idea of learning German, I don’t know why, I just do.
  •  Lose Weight
    I have always been slightly bigger than I should have been, bit in the past few years I’ve gained quite a lot of weight, and my self-confidence has completely plummeted. So I want to lose it so that I can feel comfortable in my own skin again.
  • Go Into A Chanel Boutique And Buy Something Without Feeling Like A Peasant
    I know this sounds pathetic, but I have always been scared of going up to a Chanel counter or boutique because I’m scared that the people that work there will judge me for either not looking the part or generally looking like I don’t have enough money to buy anything from there.
  • Go To San Diego Comic Con
    This has been a goal of mine for a very long time. I’d love to feel like a real part of the Geek Community and have fun buy exploring new depths and going to the biggest Comic Con on the planet!
  • Get Married
    I know that its almost guaranteed to happen at some point in my life, but I’m just sacred of what my life would be if I don’t. I know that sounds a bit strange, but I’m scared of being alone forever.
  • Travel
    I really want to travel. I don’t have only a few specific destinations, hence I have rounded them all into one point. I’d love to go to New Zealand,  I want to tour all of the states in America, I want do a road trip of Europe, I know this is in Europe, but I want to go to Paris. Seeing as I’m English many people automatically assume that I’ve been to Paris, but I haven’t, I’ve only been to the Disney Land in Paris, but I want to go to the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles.
There are many others, but I’m afraid that people will get bored if I list literally everything!
I hope you like the list!

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