Honorary PhDs?

I’m not sure that I completely agree with celebrities getting honorary PhD’s.

PhD students spend up to 10 years of their life working towards their PhD, but a celebrity can just get given one without having to do any of the work to actually earn/deserve one. Yes some celebrities have worked their entire lives on their field (e.g. Albert Einstein, Sir Ian Mckellen and Muse) However there are few recipients of this honour that do not deserve it. I wonder how PhD students feel when celebrities get given honorary PhD’s. I think that they hardly find it fair, seeing as they have spent a large chunk of their adult life working so hard for this, and someone who’s famous gets one simply because they are famous. I know that I would be pretty hacked off!

I feel sorry for those PhD students that have to work for this, but I am proud of them for having the nerve to carry on, and the resilience to withstand the pressure.

I salute you PhD students and students planning on doing a PhD.


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