Everyday Cosplay Friday – Thor Inspired Outfit



I think that Thor’s costume is absolutely gorgeous! I’m not going to lie, it’s beautiful. I think that the silver armour that he has would be quite difficult to replicate, but if I could I think that it would be quite effective.
I think that to make this into an outfit or a girl was quite difficult but I hope you take inspiration from what I pulled together.

Grey Blouse – I chose a grey blouse because I wanted to try and replicate the effect of Thor’s silver armour. I chose a blouse Thor’s armour is quite a large portion of his costume, so I think this is a good way to represent his armour.


Burgundy Skater Skirt – Boohoo.com – I have used this skater skirt to represent Thor’s cape in a subtle way. I think it is a nice way to do it without it being to in your face. I also think that if I had used an actual cape, it would look a tad strange.


Thor’s Hammer Necklace – You can find this type of necklace on online market places such as eBay or Etsy. You are also able to find them in shops in Scandinavian countries e.g. Norway and Denmark, I know that it’s not exactly easy to just go to one of these countries just to buy a necklace, but if you ever do it is always good to check out the shops in Denmark because they have thinks inspired by the Vikings and Norse gods, so it can be good to find things inspired by Thor and Loki.

I hope that you will take some inspiration from this, and I hope that you liked it!


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