Book Review – The Hunger Games

IMG_5608As the first book that I have read for a very long time, I am very glad that I chose this one to start with. 

I had seen the film before I read the book (I know this is a crime to some of you, but I had to!), so naturally I had very high expectations for this book, simply because I loved the film so much!

The book to a while for me to be drawn to the character, I’m not sure why, but the chapters set in district 12 just felt like they were dragging. The book didn’t make me fall for the characters as much as the film did (no, not just because I could see them in the film!). However I automatically fell in love with Prim, I couldn’t help it, she was just portrayed exactly as she was in the film so you naturally fell in love with her.

It took me a while to really connect with Katniss, but the moment that I did was when all of district 12 was gathered in the square for the reaping, and she volunteered for Prim. It really tugged on my heart strings, and it was just a beautiful moment in the book. I think that this chapter really brings all of the characters to life, because you get to see the true extent of their emotions, and what they are willing to do.

The pace of the book really picks up after the reaping, when they travel to the capitol and all of the events that lead up to the games as well as the games themselves, it really grabs your attention, and you cannot put the book down. However, during the games, I started to dislike Katniss, mainly because she was faking her love for Peeta even though his love for her was true. I know that the “love story” between them was to help them gain sponsors for the games, but it just made me angry that Katniss played Peeta along.

The very last part of the book, really should have been included in the film, it would’ve made the 2nd film flow on from the 1st so much better than it did. The scene at the end of the book, when they’re returning to district 12, and Peeta finds out the truth about Katniss’ feeling for him. Its truly heartbreaking!

However I will give this book a 4 out of 5 and I would recommend it to a friend!


2 thoughts on “Book Review – The Hunger Games

  1. I wish they’d included the last bit too! I’m one of the “book is better than the film” on this one (with that said the film is still awesome!) just because I feel more of a connection to Rue in the books but didn’t so much in the film. I didn’t even cry but was close to it in the books.

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