Everyday Cosplay Friday – Peggy Carter Inspired Outfit

peggy carter inspired outfitFor any of you that don’t know who Peggy Carter is, she is a female world war 2 Agent who ends up being Steve Roger’s love interest. I love all things 1940s/50s I just love the style of the periods, so doing this outfit was actually quite fun for me even though it is slightly basic.

White/Cream Chiffon Blouse
I chose this because it is a modern rendition of a 40s styled blouse. It fits so well with Peggy’s costume, but I just wanted to give it a modern flare in order to make it more wearable for someone of this generation.

Khaki Pencil Skirt
Pencil skirts were a staple item in most women’s wardrobes in the 1940s, so to use a pencil skirt for this outfit was absolutely crucial. This addition to the outfit is not only wearable for everyday purposes, but also for people who like to dress in clothes inspired by the 1940s.

Black Court Shoes
Court shoes are also a must have for any 1940s inspired outfit, these shoes are also able to be worn with many other outfits (which makes them very good value for money!).

I hope you all take inspiration from this outfit!


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