100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy – Body

I’m probably the worst person to talk to about when it comes to my body or body positivity. This is mainly because I am not happy with my body at all, and in all honesty I only ever manage to persist with a diet for about a month.

However, I am starting to diet properly from now on! So decided to look for different forms of motivation that I can use for weight loss. Obviously everyone is motivated by different things, so I have found different ways to motivate everyone.IMG_7337

  • Keep a journal
    Keeping a journal my be very useful to some people, it allows you to verbally track your progression through your journey to a healthier/fitter you. In this journal you can stick in pictures that could motivate you, and you could record details about your progress, for example, you could record how many steps you have walked that day, or your measurements (I’d say do this weekly), you can even include aims for the next week/month.
  • Write a list of why you want to get fitter
    On this list should be reasons as to why you want to lose weight, for example, to be able to make friends easier or to build up your self-confidence, or even to feel confident enough to cosplay!
  • Buy something that you will use after you’ve reached your goal
    Whether it is a piece of clothing, a swimsuit or even a hair product, buy something that you will only use after you have reached your goal. This will give you something to physically hold and look at that will motivate you.
  • A selfie a day
    For those who love to take selfies, maybe a selfie a day may be the one for you. This gives you a little library of photos to see how far you have progressed. It will also give you a good selection of photos to use for a before and after.

I hope that this have given you a few ideas to help you to be motivated to get fit/into shape!

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