Halls of Residence

Living in halls is an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone that is going to university, however I do have a few problems with it, well my experience with them at least. I have compiled a list for you of the things that bother me about halls.

  • The sheer number of people
    In my halls, I share one floor of a house with 13 people. This wouldn’t be a problem if there was more space in the kitchen, or if there were more bathrooms – there are 4 bathrooms, 3 of which have toilets, but one of them has been out of order for a few months now.
  • Upstairs
    Upstairs houses elephants, I swear. They are the loudest human beings I have ever had the displeasure of living under. I can hear every conversation they have, and when they have parties, you can hear absolutely everything (even when they’re having sex *shudders*)! They are so loud, sometimes you won’t be able to sleep until about 4am, which is beyond ridiculous.
  •  Noisy eaters
    Some of my flat-mates are the loudest eaters, so much so, it makes you feel physically sick when they’re eating.
  •  Cleaners
    Yes, the cleaners are lovely, and they really help, but at 7am when they’re outside of your bedroom door hoovering and screaming at each other, you just want to stab them in the throat and be done with it.
  •  The cost
    It can be bloody expensive! My halls are around £3,000 for the year which is almost as much student loan I get. I just think its funny because the halls that I am in are one of the cheaper options that my uni offers!
  •  The music
    This is only really a problem for me because I like rock music, and nearly all of my flat-mates (except for one) like mainstream music so whenever I go into the kitchen I am bombarded with what I think is shit music, but obviously I can’t put on the kind of music that I like because no one else likes it!

I hope that this doesn’t completely put you off staying in halls while you’re in your first year at university! It’s good really!

’till next time,


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