Game Of Thrones Notebook, Yes Please!






In Canterbury me and my boyfriend (Alex) were walking around the shops, and as an English Literature student, he was immediately drawn to the Waterstones! We were looking at Sci-Fi/Fantasy section and I got a little bored looking at books, so I wandered off around the shop, just looking around aimlessly.

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My Marvel Cup

I think I may have a knack for finding Marvel inspired things in shops, to be fair it is everywhere these days! Anyway, I found a Marvel thermal cup in Primark for £2.50, however they are disappearing fast!

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My New Baby

Here I would like to welcome my new baby to the world. About 3 years ago I had a bag very similar to this, I bought it in my local town in a rather jazzy shop. It caught my eye almost instantly and I just fell in love. I loved the very in-your-face Marvel comic design and I also loved the chain that it had on the front.

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