100 Days of Being Geek Chic and Healthy – Women Influences

This week’s challenge for 100 days of being geek chic and healthy, is to three base outfits on out women influences both fictional and historical. My three influences are: Arwen from LOTR, Molly Hooper from Sherlock and Marilyn Monroe. I have reasons for all of my choices, but I will explain them later.

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Naming Children After Fictional Characters?

When I was younger I thought that it was ridiculous that people would name their children after fictional characters, but as I thought about it, most of the population are named after a fictional character in one way or another. I then realised that I am in fact named after a fictional character (in a way) I’m named after the Norse goddess Freyja, the goddess of love and war, so if I think it’s ridiculous then I am a bit of a hypocrite. Whether it would be biblical names (it’s debatable as to whether biblical names are fictional, but I think that they are) or names that are from fiction (tv/films/books) I don’t really think it matters as long as there is a good enough reason for choosing that name!

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