Everyday Cosplay Friday – Margaery Tyrell Inspired Outfit

margaery Tyrell inspred outfit


From Game Of Thrones, I think that Margaery Tyrell’s costumes are probably my favourite, I think it’s because they show a bit more skins than most of the female characters costumes, but it also makes her look like the Lady she is. It was quite difficult to find pieces that I could use to incorporate her house sigil into the outfit, but I found a way!

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Game Of Thrones Notebook, Yes Please!






In Canterbury me and my boyfriend (Alex) were walking around the shops, and as an English Literature student, he was immediately drawn to the Waterstones! We were looking at Sci-Fi/Fantasy section and I got a little bored looking at books, so I wandered off around the shop, just looking around aimlessly.

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