Everyday Cosplay Friday – Thor Inspired Outfit



I think that Thor’s costume is absolutely gorgeous! I’m not going to lie, it’s beautiful. I think that the silver armour that he has would be quite difficult to replicate, but if I could I think that it would be quite effective.
I think that to make this into an outfit or a girl was quite difficult but I hope you take inspiration from what I pulled together.

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Everyday Cosplay Friday – Iron Man Inspired Outfit

iron man

I know this is late, but I haven’t been able to get to a laptop, but here it is!

I love Iron Man’s costume, its obviously very functional for what it’s needed for! I love the colour scheme that they went for, I think that the red and gold works very well together!

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Everyday Cosplay Friday – Loki Inspired Outfit

I Love the costume that was designed for Loki, I love the black and green with a hint of gold, its almost like it has an essence of mischief in the outfit! Loki is probably one of my favourite characters from the Marvel universe, not just because he is played by an absolutely gorgeous man, but because of his back story. He has been lied to and betrayed all of his life and he’s just letting out his anger and frustration, although I do think he is a tad power mad! Anyway back to the outfit!

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